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Regardless of the type of pump system you choose, the pump should be sized to your home. Many things determine how big a pump system should be.

  1. How many gallons per minute of water does your well produce?
  2. How many gallons per minute does your home need?
  3. How many people, animals, sinks, toilets, tubs, or showers have?
  4. What size pipe and wire do you have or need?
  5. What are the total depth, pump depth, static level, and pumping level of your well?
  6. Single or multifamily building?
  7. Any other special water requirements that you need?

All of these things are very important in choosing the best pump solution that will last for years to come.. Not only horse power but also GPM are essential in having the right pump system. A large pump is not always the best pump.

Kellner, LLC has knowledge and the properly trained water technicians available that are both state and nationally certified for well pump installations.

We know what it is like to go without water and we take care of our customers, both old and new. If your pump ever quits on you, give us a call. We offer same day pump service.

We have the right solution for you!

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