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At Kellner's, we use Grundfos constant pressure pumps or CPS to provide you with constant water pressure at your faucet.

What does that mean for you? It means continuous water pressure just like city water.

How does it work? Grundfos has developed an innovative motor drive system for their pumps called variable frequency drive or V.F.D. The motor can speed up and slow down depending on how much water you need at any given time. This is done through two devices, a transducer and a control panel.

For an example of how the unit works, imagine taking a nice long shower and your husband or wife decides to wash your car for you. Normally as soon as the garden hose is used the water is drawn away from the shower making it very noticeable to the person in the shower. But with the constant pressure system as soon as the transducer senses a pressure drop it sends a signal to the pump controller which tells the pump to speed up giving you more water in order to keep the pressure up.

Kellner LLC Constant Pressure Systems Results vary depending on your existing pipe size and condition. It is always a good idea to have us evaluate your plumbing.

Not only will this system give you better pressure but it will also save you electric because the motor starts softly using less energy and prolonging motor life. Also, the pressure tank required for a constant pressure system is much smaller than a conventional system because of the VFD motor. This creates a small footprint for the system and works great in tight areas. 

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