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Understanding the quality of your waterKellner Water Testing

What's in my water? How can the contaminants in my water affect my health and home? Is there enough water to keep up with my homes demand? Kellner, LLC has the solutions for all of these questions.

Kellner's can provide water well and pump flow test for the new home buyer, as well as test water quality and perform bacterial testing. Before you buy your home, consider having the water system checked to insure quality, safety, and that all of your home's water needs will be met. Kellner's offers these tests and treatments for in-home water use:

Water Quality Testing

Kellner, LLC always offers free water quality testing. We can come to your home, investigate your specific water problems, and find the best solution to fit your needs.

  • Iron (Red, Orange, or Brown staining)
  • Iron Bacteria (Slimy Iron build-ups)
  • Total Hardness – Calcium and Magnesium (White buildups, hard water staining, dull & dingy laundry)
  • Manganese (Black or Brown Staining)
  • Nitrate
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • PH
  • Sulfur

During our free in home visit, we analysis all of the above contaminants and will give you the best solution to give you perfect water. We also offer a complete comprehensive water test that is performed by Clean Water Testing laboratories.

Flow TestKellner LLC Water Testing Flow Test

Kellner's can provide water well and pump flow test for the new home buyer.

Before you buy your home consider having the water system checked to insure the following.

  1. The well has enough capacity to provide all your water needs and meets state standards.
  2. The pump, pressure tank, plumbing and electrical equipment are safe and working properly.
  3. The water has been tested for not only bacteria but general water quality.
  4. Water treatment equipment is working.

Please remember most home inspectors do not have the knowledge, equipment, or certifications to check for these very important things.

Kellner's Bacteria Test

Kellner can provide state certified e-coli and coliform tests of your water.

E-coli and coliform are the most common forms of bacteria that could be found in your water supply. A simple inexpensive test can give you peace of mind.Kellner LLC Water Testing Bacteria Test

Many times, if you do show bacteria in your water, a proper disinfection of your well and water system is all that is needed to provide you with clean safe water. If the water will not pass a bacteria test after the well has been disinfected, a UV or chlorination system would be recommended to be installed and would correct the problem.

At Kellner, LLC, we can test your water and then tailor a system that's perfect for your specific water problems. That is how we make water good for life. Contact us today to learn more!


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