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DrillingKellner LLC Well Drilling

Kellner, LLC can arrange wells to be drilled for residential, commercial, or industrial customers. We can size and develop your well to meet your specific needs.

Residential water wells are drilled normally six inches in diameter and up to 400 feet depending on the formation being drilled into and where the water is located.

The well has a six inch pipe called the casing that holds open the bore hole and keeps surface water from entering and contaminating the well. In addition, the well casing is grouted to further protect your water well from contamination.

All casing must be eighteen inches above ground level and have a state approved well cap installed.

CleaningKellner LLC Well Services Cleaning

Well cleaning is used to remove sediment and foreign particles from your well, and at times a thorough well cleaning can improve the quality and quantity of the water being produced from the well.

Kellner LLC uses two types of well cleaning apparatuses:

  • Service rig with a bailer is used to clean wells that are deeper than 100 feet. The bailer has a valve that allows sediment, debris, and water to be trapped until the valve is opened above ground. Brushes are also attached to the bailer to aid in the cleaning process.
  • Air cleaning is used in wells less than 100 feet deep. High pressure and volume of air is injected in the bottom of the well and forces the sediment and water to the surface. Cleaning agents are often injected to aid in the sediment removal.


Wells are often shot using explosives to help improve the quantity of water that the well can make. The shot is strategically placed and detonated. Next, the well is cleaned using the bailer or air cleaning.

Well Liners

Well liners can be installed in wells to help improve the quality of the water. A properly installed liner can eliminate dirty water caused by rain or can reduce build-ups of iron in wells.

Casing ExtensionsKellner LLC Well Services Casing Extension

Many older wells are buried wells and can be paths for contamination of your drinking water. A casing extension can be installed, which extends your well casing 18" above grade. With the casing extension, surface water containing contaminants cannot enter your water supply. Also, servicing your well is much easier with the casing above ground. A vermin-proof well cap is also required to complete the installation.

Well Video Services

Kellner, LLC can arrange to have your well examined through video. This service can help to point out problems such as bad casing, collapsed well walls, or well contamination.

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